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What is a cream separator?

A cream separator, or milk separator, is a machine that divides whole milk into cream and skimmed milk (milk without fat).

Can I use one of your cream separators with goat's milk as it naturally homogenized?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for a cream separator for goat milk, any model you can find here will suit you.

Can I use a cream separator for Jersey cow's or buffalo's milk processing, as it has a high level of butterfat?

Yes, you can. We know that Jersey cow milk or buffalo milk has more butterfat than regular milk. We have already sold a lot of cream separators to Jersey cow and buffalo owners and never had any issues.

In which cases do I need a cream separator? 

You will probably need it if you are:
- the owner of a micro-dairy who is looking for a small cream separator;
- the small processor who wants to buy raw milk, then process it into cream, sour cream, skimmed milk and to sell it on to local consumers;
- a cheesemaker, who knows well that each type of cheese requires milk with certain butterfat content. If, for example, you want to make Camembert cheese, then You'll need a higher fat content in the milk. If it's a hard cheese, then the milk should contain less fat.

Can I collect cream when it floats up to the milk surface without the help of the cream separator? 

Yes, you can collect cream without the help of the cream separator, but it will not be as effective; especially if you have goat's or sheep's milk, which is naturally homogenized. In this case, if you don't use a cream separator machine, be ready to leave some part of the cream in the milk and to collect cream with less butterfat than you otherwise could.

Is it profitable to process whole milk into cream, sour cream, and skimmed milk?

It depends on the market where you are going to sell your dairy products. But we believe that, in general, it's more profitable than selling raw milk to big processing companies. Let's put it this way:

- What is more expensive: 100 litres of whole raw milk or 35 litres of 10% cream and 65 litres of skimmed milk?
- What is more profitable: to sell a customer only 1 litre of milk or to sell 1 litre of milk, 200 ml of cream (0.7-2 litre of milk depending on the cream butterfat content) and 200 ml of sour cream (another 0.7-2 litres of milk depending on the sour cream fat content)?

Usually, the second option is more profitable because dairy products cost more than raw milk, and you can sell more. Instead of buying just 1 litre of milk, a client will buy from you at least 2.5 litres of milk and up to 5 litres as a whole.

Cream, sour cream and skimmed milk – are there products all I can do with the help of the cream separator, or there is something else to be produced as well?

Cream, sour cream and skimmed milk are the main products you can make with cream separator machine. But:
- When you have a butter churn machine, you can also make butter from cream.
- With dairy cultures, then you can make cheese or yogurt from the skimmed milk as well.
If you have to process milk every day, take a look at the milk pasteurizers we have. They will make your life much more comfortable.

Do your cream separators work well in the UK?

Yes, our cream separators are a perfect fit for the UK electrical requirements and come with UK-type plug adapter. 

Sounds good but why can't I just consume and sell raw milk only?

If you do so, it means that probably you leave a lot of money on the table. Or your family don't enjoy fresh dairy products you can make by yourself. Our goal is to help you to unlock the full potential of your milk and do this most efficiently.

I think a cream separator is what I need right now. How can I place my order?

All you need to do is to select the cream separator machine on our website, which you think suits you the best as per your requirements and performance. If you don't know which model would suit you the best, that's okay. Just contact us via chat or email, or by phone. We will be happy to help you to find the cream separator machine that would fit you the most. Then add it to your cart. When you open your cart, you can follow the simple steps such as choosing the delivery and payment method. Provide your shipping information and purchase a cream separator online successfully!

On MilkyDay.com you can find a wide range of cream separators including electric cream separators and manual cream separators.

What if the cream separator does not suit me well?

If the cream separator does not meet your requirements well — it's not a problem. Just send it unused back to us, and we will refund your money in full.

Which brands and manufacturers of cream separators do we sell?

On Milkyday.uk we are offering cream separators from the next two manufacturers:

Motor Sich is a big Ukrainian company that specializes in manufacturing of aircraft engines for planes and helicopters. This company is also operating in the dairy industry. The Motor Sich separators are well-known worldwide for their simplicity and reliability in operation. All the spare parts and the tools required for the operation of the separator are supplied in complete sets. Click Motor Sich cream separators if you prefer the Motor Sich brand.

Milky is a brand of the Austrian company Janschitz GmbH. More than two decades, the company is operating on the market of small milk processing equipment and is manufacturing cream separators for both home use and professional use. The assortment of the company includes the cream separators that are made of polycarbonate and stainless steel. High effectiveness and high-quality materials - that's what distinguishes Milky products from the other brands on the market. All the spare parts and the tools required for the operation of the separator are supplied in complete sets. Click Milky cream separators if you prefer only Milky brand.

Who is better?

If you prefer good quality for a reasonable price, then we suggest you buy a Motor Sich cream separator. But if you prefer the best quality with the best efficiency, then a Milky cream separator is what you need.

Any warranty?

For all cream separator machines we have on Milkyday.uk we offer a 2-year unconditional warranty because we sell only high-quality original products.

How can I be sure that you will fulfil your promises and deliver my order?

That's okay if you have some doubts about the quality of our products or our service. We think it would be best if our existing customers will tell you the truth. Here you can check all reviews that were left on Google.

How to buy?

To buy a cream separator online click the "Buy Now" button under the cream separator machine you would like to purchase and go to your cart. Then follow the easy steps to complete your purchase, and we will send your order immediately after the payment.

Why buy a cream separator from us?

Only on MilkyDay.uk, can you find competitive prices, a 2-year warranty and 30-day FREE return policy for all of the products we offer. We can also supply any spare parts afterwards.

You can trust us! Proved by our suppliers!

Franz Janschitz - the founder of Janschitz GmbH and Milky brand. 

Alexey Zelenyuk - the manager of consumer goods department of Motor Sich.

Buy a cream separator online on MilkyDay.uk! We promise that you will do our best to make you satisfied with our service and our products!